best chess matches of all time

Best Chess Matches of All Time

There are some chess matches that make you lean back in your chair with simple amazement. One player, Bobby Fischer, had the habit of doing this in a lot of his games. But he’s not the only one who can pull amazing moves out of nowhere. Review my list of best chess matches of all time, and see if you agree. At the very least, you will see how absolutely impressive these games are.

1. The Game of the Century (Byrne vs Fischer) – 1956

game of the century fischer

Byrne on white, and Fischer on black. It starts out with a Gruenfeld Defense: Three Knights Variation, Hungarian Attack. This game leads to a beautiful smothering as Byrne slowly gets pushed into a position where he has nowhere to go. Fischer even sacrifices his queen and other material for positioning, and it had proven to be worthwhile. Checkmates like these aren’t common because 1. The opponent usually resigns before it happens and 2. Players play more safely than Fischer did. If you heard about Fischer, then you know that this man would make some very dangerous and questionable moves in chess – and he’d win with them.

2. Fischer vs Spassky World Championship Match Game 6 – 1972

fischer vs spassky game 6 1972

This is another special game by Fischer. He starts off with moving his pawn to c4, which shocked both his opponent and those watching. He had never played this move in professional matches, resulting in all preparation by Spassky getting thrown out the window. Fischer is always the aggressor in this game and shows again that he is never scared to sacrifice material for positioning. This is one of the games that proves that his World Champion title was well deserved.

3. Magerramov vs Kasparov – 1977

magerramov vs kasparov

Queen’s Gambit Declined: Tartakower Defense. Kasparov on black. It’s wonderful how he forces Magerramov into a squished position, and just has to push his pawn to threaten the knight to force a resignation. Great game and very well played.

4. Kasparov’s Immortal (Kasparov vs Topalov) – 1999

kasparov's immortal

Kasparov on white plays my favorite opening here: pawns d4 and e4. The forced queen capture on his part is absolutely beautiful, leading to an inevitable resignation by Topalov.

5. Most Famous Chess Game of All Time (Paul Morphy vs Duke Karl) – 1858

 most famous chess game of all time

This is an old yet beautiful game of chess. Black makes multiple inaccuracies throughout this game, but it’s still impressively played by white. Wonderful how black falls for the queen sacrifice leading to a checkmate with the bishop and the rook.

Chess is a game with endless possibilities, and these games show how chess players can get pretty fancy with their moves. It’s hard to see what they’re doing at first, but once the game is over, it’s easy to see how much depth there really is to these games. Either way, it’s not hard to see why these games are some of the best chess matches of all time.

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