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Best Chess Sets for Sale (Reviews) – 2017

You know how to play chess, you have learned tactics, and now you need a board to refine your skills in person. Perhaps you have a young relative and you want to get them their first chess board. Either way, these recommendations are for you.

Metal Chess Set With Deluxe Wood Board and Storage – 2.5″ King is a sleek, majestic chess board. In terms of looks, this chess board is rated highly. The pieces are shiny and metallic, giving you a futuristic feeling. The board is made of beautiful wood, resulting in the overall set weighing around 6 pounds.

Rating: 8/10. This board may be slightly more heavy than most are looking for, but if you want a fancy chess board for your house then this is a wonderful choice. It’s a great home warming gift and works as a decorative set as well.

The Jarilo – Unique Wood Chess Set, Pieces, Chessboard & Storage is a wonderful set that is perfect for transportation. It’s a wooden and foldable chess set, making it easy to store or pack for a trip. The elegance in the wood carving makes it a favorite choice of fine, bringing the whole chess set to life. It weighs a comfortable 5 lbs and the pieces feel perfect and satisfying. The storage provides snug slots to store your pieces, securing them during travel so that they don’t move around. With such a delightful combination, it’s hard to resist this chess board.

Rating: 10/10. I bought this chess board after using my dad’s when I was younger (it’s quite similar). It fits all of my needs in all situations, whether it’s playing at home with family or playing with friends in a cafe. I review products with no bias, and usually have one or two negative points I include with my reviews, but I simply can’t with this chess set. I own multiple sets and this is my favorite by far.

Soapstone Chess Set by OL is a beautiful, soapstone set. It’s fairly compact and is great for storage as well. The set is imported from India. The pieces and board have a shiny, marble-like look that makes it a beautiful center piece for any game room. Great price, satisfying weight, and able to be stored easily. Even though it’s affordable, it’s much nicer than a cheap plastic one. If you’re looking to get someone a sleek chess set as a gift, then this is a great starter board.

Rating: 9/10. Great for storage, looks really nice, and made of a unique material. It’s very affordable and is much less expensive than you would expect based off of looks.

ULTIMATE WOODEN Magnetic Travel Chess Set – by US Chess Federation is a great chess set if you are comfortable with it being on the smaller side. However, even though it’s small, it has a purpose. This chess board is a wooden and foldable, and the pieces are magnetic. This means that you can continue your chess game when in bumpy situations, such as on an airplane or in a car. The pieces are no larger than one inch, making this a solid choice for a compact chess board.

Rating: 8.5/10. This board serves as one of my favorites for storage and traveling, but that is where it’s restricted to. For at home use it still works, but a board with larger pieces is personally preferred. I still take this one with me on family vacations though, you can’t go wrong with the magnetic pieces.

LumiSource SUP-LEDCHES-BW LED Lightened Glow Chess Set, Blue/White is where we reach a quite futuristic chess board. The board is a glossy, high-tech one with sensors inside of it. The pieces are made of glass that have LED lights inside of them. When the pieces are removed from the board, their light dims. But when they return to a new square, they light back up again. This board can help you visually strategize your moves more, is perfect in dark situations, and would serve as a wonderful board for an evening game of chess.

Rating: 9/10. The chess board requires power, using either four AA batteries when on the go or the included power adapter. The pieces are glass, so it’s important to play with care. This board looks sleek, cutting-edge, and is simply beautiful to look at when entering a room. It will push you to play more chess just by how amazing it looks.

These boards are ones I recommend for playing with often. If you are more interested in antique chess sets, I have a separate article for that here.

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