Garry Kasparov is Returning to Chess!

As of today, it’s been announced that Garry Kasparov has returned to chess. This is truly a spectacular moment, because for a long time, he was and still is considered one of the best chess players of our time (keep reading about that here: Best Chess Players of All Time).

Why is Garry Kasparov returning?

(link to full announcement: Garry Kasparov Facebook Post)

Here is what he said in his post:

“Well, the cat is out of the bag! I’l be playing in the first Saint Louis rapid and blitz tournament that begins on August 14, by far the most serious chess competition I have engaged in since my retirement in 2005. I have played a few exhibitions, some “nostalgia matches” against old rivals, and a strong Saint Louis blitz event last year, although the atmosphere was quite casual. This event is another matter, a real tournament against top competition and rapid games, not just blitz. As such, I’m taking my preparation seriously, out of respect for the organizers and for the game itself. Plus, I want to play good chess!

Although I have no plans to play elsewhere, I did not take this decision lightly. I am quite happy with my full life these days. My family, political activism, speaking and writing, coaching—there is no time for the total dedication serious chess requires and deserves. But for me, playing in Saint Louis is special, not least as a way to express my appreciation for what the Sinquefield family has done to promote the game there and worldwide, especially in education. Thanks to Rex Sinquefield, Saint Louis has become the global chess capital and the atmosphere there is approximates the enthusiasm and respect for chess culture back in the Soviet Union—and you can see that the results are excellent as well. In significant part due to the Saint Louis club’s collaboration with the Kasparov Chess Foundation in the “Young Stars–Team USA” program, the United States has become a chess juggernaut at the professional and youth level.

I’m very comfortable playing there, and while I’m keeping my expectations in line with my “senior amateur” status, I hope to play well enough to honor such a wonderful host and event with my chess, not just with my name.”


It appears that Kasparov has no other plans to keep playing chess after the Saint Louis tournament, but this reimergence is a good start.

For many years now, Kasparov has spent life as a politician and hasn’t had much involvement in the chess world. This news tells us that he is potentially considering going to start a new professional chess career.

When can we start watching Kasparov play?

The Saint Louis rapid and blitz tournament begins on August 14th. Players and observers should tune into Kasparov’s Facebook page or stay up to date with articles.

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