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Komodo 11 Chess Engine Review 2017

Komodo 11

ELO Rating: 3,444

Price: $79.95. (ON SALE NOW!)

Get Komodo 11: Amazon link.

Introduction – What is Komodo 11?

The Komodo 11 Chess Engine is the newest chess engine on the market. This means one important thing: it has the newest modifications making it a contender for the best chess engine available to consumers. For a long time, Stockfish 8 has been the highest rated chess engine, with a CCRL rating of 3395 as of February 7th on Wikipedia. As of the same date, Komodo 10 was ranked at 3384, meaning that it was only 11 points behind Stockfish. So this begs the question… With the new release of Komodo, can it finally achieve a higher rating than Stockfish. The answer: Yes. Komodo is now the better chess engine by dozens of ELO points.

Pros and Cons of Komodo 11


  • Highest rated Chess Engine available to consumers
  • Easier to use than the second place engine Stockfish
  • Over 60 ELO points higher than Komodo 10, surpassing Stockfish
  • Great customer service
  • Complimentary Chess Base Membership
  • Complimentary copy of The Art of War by Sun Tzu (Amazing war book)
  • System requirements are simple


  • Costs money (however, is easy to use, which makes up for it)

Who would benefit from Komodo 11?

From new players to advanced players, everybody would benefit from the new chess engine Komodo 11.


Hurry now and get your copy of the best Chess Engine on the market. It doesn’t stand a chance against Stockfish, and will continue to prove itself time and time again.



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  1. That was the type of review that I enjoy. You are thorough, concise and quantitative and that made the review not only easy to read but also authoritative instead of subjective,

    • Hello Robert,

      Thank you very much for saying that, it helps me see that I succeeded in my goal. I believe in offering others all of the facts without any bias, so that they can decide for themselves if the product is right for them.


  2. Really nice short review, but as for the price of this worth getting into as a new player? i understand it says for new players but as someone is who is looking to get into chess i do wonder if it worth paying $80 for? As the price does seem a little steep, but if you have used this is it worth the money?

    • Hello Kyle!

      Great question, and I’m sure many people are wondering this as well. The reason the price is $80 is because Komodo 11 isn’t just a chess engine; it’s a platform dedicated to helping people learn chess. This package also comes with an amazing and Popular e-book (The Art of War) and a 6 month premium membership to Chessbase!

      However, given that Komodo 11 is the best chess engine right now available to the public, many should be willing to pay this price to have the best game analysis possible.


  3. I am not sure about the other engines. I am sure Komodo 11 is bomb.
    I am an avid chess player. I have an 82 year old woman that keeps asking me to show her how to play. I want to buy an average set. I think everyone’s home needs one. and when I play I only play with reasonable people. I never talk but I don’t mind when people talk to me and then the game gets fun. Have you ever noticed how people want you to talk during chess. That is like talking during beer-pong. I spend a lot of time talking. Chess is the game of peace.

  4. Hey Jackson

    Cool review. Short, clear and concise 🙂

    Being the only chess geek in my family I have always found these chess engines fascinating.
    The rest of my family still doesn’t understand the difference between this and the free version of chess that is on their computer haha.

    For those of you who haven’t read Sun Tzu – The Art of War, this is a good opportunity for you! The book is awesome and simply a must read!

  5. Hi Jackson!

    I’ve played a lot chess games in my life, lately I’ve been very disconnected from that field though.

    It looks like things have evolved a lot since I used to play, I’ll actually check it out, Komodo 11 looks really great.

    Thanks for the clear and quick review! 😉

    • Hey Israel!

      Chess is great game filled with an amazing community. Concepts and tactics always change and move around, but the core of the game has been the same for centuries! I’m glad you enjoyed the review.


  6. Hello Bawbross – I really like the way the things explained on the content shot and simple also about the latest chess engine that is fantastic. Excellent work and do write new posts on the same. I really like the Posts and the website looks and colours you chose for the site.

  7. I always loved to play chess, it’s my favorite hobby and in simple words i can’t imagine my life without chess. I usually play with people from all around the world in chess .com , even tho chess engine looks interesting, i’m sure i could learn new things here, however it’s really expensive. Thanks for sharing, it was interesting.

    • Hey there!

      I’m so happy you enjoy the game of Chess. A chess engine can be an expensive investment, but worth every penny. It’s great for those that wish to challenge certain ideas or positions with the greatest chess engines available!

      Best Regards,


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