best basic chess openings

The Best Chess Moves and Openings for Beginners

Chess openings and knowing which correct opening to use can seem complicated at first, but with much practice, they become second nature. One must always remember that only the pawn and the knight can be moved during the first move. This results in many different ways to set up an opening. Some of the most common moves are:

1. e4
2. d4
3. Nf3
4. c4
5. g3
6. b3
7. f4
8. Nc3
9. b4
10. e3
11. d3
12. a3
13. c3
14. g4
15. h3
16. h4
17. Nh3
18. a4
19. f3
20. Na3

Each have their own way of starting to secure an excellent set up for the game.

Best d4 openings

best and basic d4 openings

Best e4 Openings

best and basic e4 openings

Other Openings

best and basic other openings

Best Chess Openings for Beginners

best chess openings

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