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The Best Rare Antique Chess Sets (Reviews) – 2017

In the article here, I went into detail on some of the best chess boards around. Those recommendations generally tailored to people needing a nice chess board for their home or one to travel with. These chess boards I’m about to recommend are not meant to be traveled with and should be handled with great care. They’re beautiful, elegant, and prized possessions. If this is what you’re looking for, continue reading to find one that best suits you. Warning: These are fairly expensive. They are for the people that want the best of the best. If you are on a budget, refer to my previous article here.

Bello Games Collezioni-American Civil War Chessmen & Luxury Palazzo Chess & Checkers Table from Italy starts us off with an amazing chess set based off of the American Civil War. If you are a Civil War and a chess fan, then this is a must-have as a collector’s item. Its dazzling style will make it one of your most prized possessions.

Rating: 9.5/10. This delicate set is a table/chess board in one with drawers to store the chess pieces. It serves as a wonderful addition to a game lounge or for one’s own collection.

Medieval Times Knight Antique Gold and Silver Color Pewter Chess Set W/ 17″ Castle Fortress Board is a chess set that tailors to those interested in the medieval theme. Interestingly enough, the chessmen themselves are based off of medieval times. The board has a fortress-like structure that would look good on any table. The colors of the chessmen are gold and silver to differentiate between black and white. The manufacturer did a great job at giving this a solid, realistic medieval feel to it.

Rating: 9/10. The board is heavier than most (around 12lbs), so you probably won’t want to move this around that often. If you are looking for a medieval themed chess set for a home or lounge though, this is the perfect choice.

Warner Bros. Batman Gotham Cityscape Chess Set by Noble Collection is an extravagant chess set for those wishing to immerse themselves in the Arkham life. If you are a Batman and a chess fan, this set will drive you wild. A big reason is because of the detail put into the chessmen. Conquer the Joker as Batman with Catwoman (the queen) at your side and your batmobile (the rook) for assistance. It will impress your friends and make all chess games an enjoyable, visually appealing experience.

Rating: 9.5/10. The board and chessmen have amazing detail and are sturdy/well-made. The ideas for the chessmen are awesome. This board isn’t meant for travel, but when used in home/lounge areas, it is perfect. No better option for a Batman fan.

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