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What is the Best Chess Engine? Find out here!

A chess engine is very helpful for situations when you want to know the next move in chess. Essentially, it computes and calculates the possible moves left, and helps you see which one is the most optimal. Chess engines are strictly forbidden when playing chess (even on websites), so use them at your own risk. Their purpose should be to analyze games you aren’t playing in the moment for analysis. I personally used a chess engine during the World Chess Championship to see how much the competitors aligned with the computer’s decision. Here are my recommendations for the best chess engine!

Komodo 11 (Easy to Use Chess Engine)













The Komodo Chess 11 Chess Playing Software Program is great because it offers simple and easy to use features. It’s everything you would want in a chess engine. This highly effective chess engine also comes with a free e-book on modern chess ideas. It’s a great bundle to grab right before the next World Chess Championship. The Komodo 11 engine has also improved since its last version, gaining over 60 ELO points.

With this bundle, you’ll also get a free 6 months membership for a ChessBase premium account. This will provide you with live training, an engine cloud, and a database of games for you to analyze.

Rating: 10/10. This is the best easy to use chess engine out there, and the bundle (engine + e-book + chessbase membership) makes it an amazing deal. Highly recommended!

Price: $79.95. Buy and Download on Amazon now!

Stockfish (Hard to Use Chess Engine)

Download Stockfish here.

Stockfish is good if you are ready to take on a technical challenge in getting it up and running. However, once you have it set up, it will prove to be very useful! It’s known to be stronger than the best human grandmasters in existence,  so its quality is definitely sound. You may run into difficulties getting it set up, but there are tutorials throughout YouTube that can help you.]

Here’s an example:

Which is better? Komodo 10 or Stockfish?

Watch a video here to see the two computers battle it out, and Komodo 10 take the victory.

These are the best examples of the best chess engine. They have been tested against grandmasters and have proven to be unstoppable. It just shows that a computer’s ability to process all of the chess information is absolutely magnificent.

Leave me a question or comment and I’ll respond as soon as possible. 🙂

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  1. Great article! I like how it’s very concise and straight to the point!

    I’m not a chess player but it’s something I’ve always been interested in. Although after having read this article, this just makes the think that with the rise of things like AI, we should rather be trying to get better at things that computers find hard to do! haha

    • Hello Cvguider!

      Lol! I couldn’t agree more. These chess engines that I’ve mentioned can easily best Magnus Carlsen, the world chess champion, so it seems like they’ve already accomplished so much! I suppose all they have left to achieve is to “solve chess”. We shall see, hopefully one day!

      Thanks for the reply,

      – Jackson

  2. I have played chess for some time as a beginner, and I would say I am average at best.
    You gave some great info on the Komodo 11 and the Stockfish chess engines. I would think the best option for me would be the Komodo 11.
    Do you think this would be a good learning platform for someone with my minimal skill level?

    • Hello Brendon!

      Great question. Komodo 11 is perfect for beginners and those wanting to become better plays. It’s interface is intentionally designed to tailor to both new and experienced players.

      – Jackson

  3. Playing chess against the computer is fun but at times gets really annoying. I wonder how someone could spend hours getting annoyed because it is so difficult to win.
    However, being shameless I still play these games like countless times till I win at least once. Such a time suck sometimes, LOL.

    • Hello Shrey!

      I agree with you completely. Playing against the computer can be aggravating because even Magnus Carlsen can’t beat the chess engines I’ve listed here. However, they are really great for improving your own performance. It’s like getting personal lessons from a Grandmaster.

      – Jackson

  4. I’m just a beginner chess player. I want to get the Komodo 11 as a learning tool and get better. Do you think I should also get the Chessbase 14?

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